Skin Analysis With Observ520x

At Dr. Kate Aesthetics, Cockfosters, North London

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10 minutes

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The face

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Enables us to have a detailed understanding of your skin and the ageing that is taking place, and allows us to create a bespoke treatment plan

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High-tech skin analysis in London

Analyse your skin with the Observ520x

The OBSERV® 520x is an innovative skin analysis machine, that allows us to produce high-quality photographs of your facial skin. It reveals how subtle signs of ageing and skin health contribute to appearance, and its advanced lighting modes help identify the root cause of specific skin concerns and conditions.

This visible information enables our aesthetic practitioners to understand your skin and provide individual, comprehensive care and treatments.

By seeing what lies under your skin’s surface, we are able to identify the possible causes for specific skin concerns and conditions and offer personalised advice and treatment plans to address this.

Observ520x Dr Kate Aesthetics London
Observ520x Dr Kate Aesthetics London
Lighting modes offered by the Observ520x

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