AQUAGOLD ® fine touch™

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AQUAGOLD ® fine touch™

The Golden Cocktail Facial by AQUAGOLD ® fine touch™

A luxury 24-carat gold facial device that is a celebrity favourite “go to” treatment. It delivers a personalised blend of ingredients into the skin via 20 thinner than human hair fine micro-channels. The ingredients are carefully selected by Dr Kate to tackle a wide range of skin concerns and skin goals that will feed and nourish your skin.

This new revolutionary delivery mechanism is a patented one of a kind delivery tool to provide a truly customised treatment – Medical CE marked and FDA approved.

Ingredients selected by Dr Kate may include; toxins, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and nano-peptides. Skin is left radiant and glowing, AQUAGOLD ® carries no risks and no-downtime. It is ideal as a pre-event skin prep. Results are seen within 3 hours and continues to progress for up to 3 weeks.

Skincare Aesthetics Face Model


If an additional treatment is required at 2 week review this is an additional £220 from £450.

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